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Philosophy and Mission Statement 
Rancho Heritage School strongly believes that the first few years of a child’s life are very important. With that belief, we are committed to provide stimulating and exciting learning activities in our daily schedule in order to fully develop the intelligence of each child.  We also believe that children are unique individuals and very smart. As educators, it is our moral responsibility to cherish every moment of the child’s learning and growth. It is our responsibility to assist and guide the children in these early stages of their development. It is our expectation and goal that every child blossom into a caring loving and intelligent individual who love learning and love others. 

The motto of Rancho Heritage School is "Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds"

All researches about the importance of preschool education indicate that a good quality preschool education is vital to the success of the children. Rancho Heritage School offers Preschool 2 to 5 year olds. We are open to serve our parents and children twelve months of the year. 

The students in our programs enjoy the highest level of excellence in quality care, academic learning and character education. RHS students learn all subject matters. Math and Language Art are not the only subjects. Art, Music, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Spanish all are very important for our teachers and students.


Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds